Right Way to Buy a Home in Chesterfield Virginia

If a person is interested in looking at homes for sale in Chesterfield VA they should ask themselves a few key questions to determine whether buying a new home makes economic sense. Do you plan on living in Chesterfield for more than five years? If you do not see yourself living in the area for more than five years then it would probably make better sense to rent instead of buy since it takes roughly five years before an individual starts making substantial payments against their mortgage.

Financing the Purchase of a New Home

If you do plan on living in the area long-term then you will need to get your financing in place. Individuals who qualify for an FHA loan will need to prepare their income documents and show they have enough money to cover the closing costs that are linked with these transactions. Individuals who have credit challenges may not qualify for an FHA loan and will require a minimum of a 20% down payment. When the finances have been worked out the next step is to start looking at the various homes that are within your budget.

Finding a Suitable Real Estate Agent

The next step once the financing has been addressed is finding a suitable real estate agent who can help identify properties that meet the current and ongoing needs of the prospective homebuyer. When screening real estate agents try to find out how many deals they have worked on in the last 12-24 months. This provides a better understanding on what type of results the real estate agent can produce and whether they are a viable option. Since the real estate agent earns their commission from the seller and not the buyer there should be no out of pocket cost for the buyer which is something to be happy about.